The Open Internet of Things Certification Mark is a community-led effort to make a free, accessible, open checklist aimed at startups and SMEs to help them design better connected products (internet of things).

We have developed principles that we think address some of the most pressing issues in the early stages of development: privacy, openness, interoperability, lifecycle, permissions, transparence, data governance and security. 

These sound technical but they have an impact on business models, customer support, end of life care, customer experience and more and are are important to consider in the early stages of a business.

We’ve just published the first version of our assessment tool. If you’re an #iot business, check it out!

Why are we working on this?

Badly designed connected products have a negative impact on consumers, at different levels:

  • Bad design leads to security flaws at a technical level.
  • Bad business practices lead to aggressive, hidden, data-driven business models that can block access to a product over time.
  • Consumers are given limited choices in buying connected products as most will suffer from:
    • short-lived production runs
    • limited duration of service
    • high rate of failure of products
    • limited long term customer service
    • limited repairability and as a consequence an increase in e-waste.

We believe these problems are not insurmountable and by sharing openly what we think is good practice we can encourage not only large organisations to do better, but also more crucially smaller startups  and SMEs who are the lifeblood of the internet of things industry.


Give us feedback, ask questions, keep up to date on our progress!

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